Thanksgiving Webquest
  • Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? How did the holiday begin? Who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday? What was the first Thanksgiving like? Who attended the first Thanksgiving? Why is Thanksgiving always celebrated in the fall?

The Story

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  • In the early 1600's the government of England would only allow its citizens to belong to one church known as The Church of England. Because the government in England had little tolerance for religious freedom, some people who wanted to make religion "pure" again left for Holland in 1609. The "Puritans" lived and prospered in Holland, however, they became concerned when their children began speaking Dutch and became attached to the Dutch way of life.

  • So, on September 6, 1920 the Pilgrims, and an unknown number of crew members, boarded the Mayflower to travel to the New World. The passenger list included Pilgrims, also know as the "saints" and others, whom the Pilgrims called the "strangers". The trip to the new world took several weeks. Because the ship was made of wood, the passengers could not build a fire, so the food had to be eaten cold. Many of the passengers became sick and some even died. This long trip led to many disagreements between the "saints" and the "strangers."

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  • After land was sighted a meeting was held and an agreement, called the Mayflower Compact, was written. The Mayflower Compact guaranteed each group equality and joined the two groups together, all to be known as the Pilgrims.
  • Due to the long voyage, the Mayflower landed at Plymouth, north of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in November. This was very bad timing as the Pilgrims did not have time to plant food for the winter. The first winter was very harsh for the new settlers. The cold temperatures and snow interfered as the Pilgrims tried to construct their settlement. Out of the original group of Pilgrims, only about half survived the first winter.
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  • On March 16, 1621 an Indian named Samoset arrived at the settlement and frightened the Pilgrims until he called out "Welcome" in English. Although the Pilgrims and Samoset had a difficult time communicating, he did stay for awhile and even spent the night. Samoset left the next day and returned a few days later with an English speaking Indian named Squanto. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to hunt, fish and grow corn.
  • Because of Squanto's help, the Pilgrims had a very successful harvest in October and had plenty of food for the upcoming winter. The Pilgrim's Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of celebration and thanksgiving sometime in the middle of October. The Pilgrims invited Squanto and many other Indians to join in the celebration. The Thanksgiving feast lasted for three days.
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  • The custom of celebrating after harvest time became an annual event. However, it was not until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln officially proclaimed the last Thursday in November a national day of Thanksgiving. On November 26, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the fourth Thursday in November as a national Thanksgiving holiday.
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Task 1
Answer the following Questions using the Internet Links and the story:

Type the answers in sentence form on your Thanksgiving Webquest document in Mircrosoft Word. You will attach this file to a post in Edmodo.

A. Name two Passengers that boarded the Mayflower to travel to the New World.
Passenger List
B. Describe the type of clothing wore by the Pilgrim Children. Explain why a toddler would wear a "pudding." Pilgrim Clothing
C. When is Thanksgiving Celebrated nationally now? (story)
D. What was the name of the agreement that was signed when the people of the Mayflower spotted land? (story)
E. What was Squanto's real name?
F. What tribe did Squanto belong to?
G. What was the Percentage of women who died on the Mayflower?
>> Men? Boys? Girls?
H. What is the first sentence written in The Mayflower Compact?
I. What was the date that the Mayflower Compact was signed?

J. What is the legendary rock upon which the Pilgrims first stepped ashore at Plymouth?

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Task 2
    • Using the Link Create a Comic Strip. When you are done print off

    • 1 copy to hand in.

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Task 3
  • You have decided to make one of the following desserts for Thanksgiving dinner. You then get a phone call that Miss Alonzo and all of her family are coming to Thanksgiving dinner at your house. Pick One of the following recipes and triple the ingredients, so Miss Alonzo and her family can eat some dessert too!
  • When you find your recipe print one off. Select the entire recipe and paste it into a word document. Then, change the numbers of the ingredients to triple form.
  • M&M Cookies
  • M&M Brownie Trifles
  • Peppermint Ice-Cream
  • Rice-Krispie Bars
  • Gingerbread Men
  • Task 4
  • Using the website below for information, create a PowerPoint presentation telling me all about the things you learned about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims.
  • A worksheet with directions for what is to be included in the slideshow
  • will be handed out in class.
  • Choose pictures from the above website for your slideshow.
  • If you need more information click on this link to explore further!
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